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Event Design and Coordination
“The whole is equal to the sum of its parts.  Amazing events are the product of great design”
Design Perspective


Design is one of those words that evokes strong feelings and is often misinterpreted, particularly within the context of training development and meeting planning. Design, however, is an integral analytical part of any planning process, focusing on how to effectively deliver the outcomes desired.


Whether we are developing a training program or curriculum to planning the logistical elements of location and setup of a meeting to deliver these modules, design is the key to success.  Design also takes an inclusive approach to ensure that the demographics of the group are planned accordingly.

Meeting & Event Design


Meeting and event planning requires a methodical and thorough approach to assembling the right people, service providers, and venues to effectively. Design principles include appealing to the senses and creating effective spaces for attendees to network and gain knowledge. The design process includes a review of the demographics and goals of the stakeholders to effectively design, plan, and manage the events.


For more information on our event design and management services, visit our Event Planning tab.

Training & Learning Development


Training can miss the mark when managed from a fragmented perspective, focusing on just one element of the bigger picture. Effective training is built off of existing processes and procedures including SOPs, job descriptions, industry standards, organizational culture, and assessment tools. Training sessions should utilize adult learning methods and the ADDIE model (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation).


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