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"Every selection, from your food and beverage, to the décor and team of event professionals must work in a symbiotic relationship."
Event Design and Coordination


Vision Statement


Design is more than a visual composition or an assemblage of an arbitrary equation. We approach each event as if preparing a gourmet meal, incorporating the “flavor” profile that best fits our clients’ needs.


To facilitate the planning process, we focus on a cohesive design based on a theme and production with attention to detail, based on a thorough understanding of the resources available and the dynamics of your guest demographics.


With this in mind, we like to start from scratch to make sure that every selection and ingredient, from your food and beverage to the décor and team of event professionals, works in a symbiotic relationship.

Our Values

We firmly believe in the equality of all people and their right to celebrate their love in the way they see fit.   Our focus is to offer all couples the same opportunities to create a wedding experience that is designed for them. Love is Love regardless of nationality, race, ethnicity, disabilities, gender, creed, or any other perceived differences. 

Las Vegas Nightclub ceremony with glam accents and ombre rose petal aisle
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