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"Your event should have emotional content to tantalize the senses."

Creative Partners

We would definitely be remiss if we did not devote a section to our creative partners, outlining their importance in the role of event design and production.  When approaching event planning from a design approach, every event professional involved is one of our creative partners and has an integral role in the process.  It is important that we all work as a team for the common goal with a shared vision and understanding of the importance of each other's role.  We would also like to make note that without their participation and support, we would not be able to provide the amazing photos and event settings that you see on this site and for your event.

Bridal Spectacular featuring JMT Designed / Floral 2000 centerpiece
Featuring JMT Designed /Enchated Florist Centerpiece
Creating a Winning Team


We believe that when approaching an event from a design perspective, it is important to take into consideration the "fit" of each professional involved.  In this pursuit, we work with a different professionals based on the event needs and how their services fit the event needs.  There are a variety of factors that are important in the selection of event professionals which include budget, packages, services, style, and availability.  Most important of all, it is about personality and making sure that they work well with the client and with the team.

Selecting Event Professionals


While we have worked with certain professionals on a more regular basis based on their reliability, services, and attention to detail, we are also open to new partnerships.  As part of our vision and values, we have some basics requirements when working with other professionals:


  • Our client are happy with the selection and that they will work in unison in creating a winning event.  For each event we solicit bids from different professionals to make sure our clients have the ability to select the very best fit for their event.

  • Each professional involved in the process is licensed and insured.  Why is this important to us and for our clients?  It demonstrates that commitment to the industry and provides the client with peace of mind that they are working with a professional.

  • We also strongly believe in the values of diversity and inclusion and expect the same of our creative partners.  We believe that love is love and every couple deserves the same opportunity to celebrate their wedding with friends and family regardless of gender, faith, culture, or other background.



It is important to us that we acknowledge the creativity and passion of the event professionals in the community.   We make every effort to credit our creative partners for their participation in the process and have noted them in the information in our photos.  If you like something, let us know how we can help create an event for you!

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