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Design and Coordination
"Love liberates, it does not bind."   Dr. Maya Angelou

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The foundation of our business and part of our vision and values has been to celebrate the love of a couple based on the culture and traditions that are important to them.  A wedding day is a time to rejoice, to celebrate with friends and family, a couple begins their journey together. 
We firmly believe in the equality of all people, their rights to live and love to their fullest extent. We support the Black Lives Matter Movement for Freedom, Liberation, and Justice for People of Color.  We are Open to All.

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In our continuing commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity, we focus on making sure that we work with creative partners that espouse the same ideals and represent communities under the diversity umbrella. Additionally, our experience encompasses cultural competencies and diversity principles to support inclusion for all of our events. 

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