"Most of what we want isn't what we need and what we need isn't what we want."

Frequent Questions


Just in case we have not answered your questions in one of the tabs on our website, we included a few more common questions and answers to the list.  If you still have questions, or want to learn more about how we can assist you in planning an event, please contact us by phone at 702.751.2836 (make sure to dial the area code) or email at info@jmteventology.com .

What is the difference between Coordination, Planning, and Design?

This is probably the most common question we receive, but one of the most important.  The fact that you are asking indicates that there others in the industry who approach events a little differently.  Coordination can only be accomplished once you have properly planned and designed the event.  

Are you a décor company?  What is design all about?

We have noticed lately that "design" is a buzz word that many people are embracing, just as with couture events.  There is still a little confusion as to what design is all about, even in the events industry.  "Planning" an event is not the same as "designing" it.   Design is a comprehensive approach to planning, understanding how all of the elements involved need to work cohesively for the final product.  This includes menu, entertainment, décor, set-up, and the feel of the event.  While most event spaces can be transformed into different themes, décor is only one segment of the big picture.  Think of it like cooking a gourmet meal. Understanding how each ingredient (or event element) interacts with the others is the key to transforming a dish from good to the best meal you have ever had.  And it isn't just about the amazing plate of food - it is also the service staff, the ambience, and the overall setting.  Without each of these in perfect harmony it is like a concert with one of the musicians out of key.


We approach every element including the menu (yes, we know a lot about food!), room layout, and entertainment to make sure each is designed just for you and memorable for your guests.  If you are looking for a one of a kind event with a unique perspective catered to you, then JMT Eventology is for you!

Can you explain how your packages work?


While bundles or "packages" work for some, we find that our clients are unique and want to know that we are creating the experience around the elements they are interested in.  Our approach to providing services is listening to what you want and need, then determining how we can best assist you.  Based on a detailed survey of your needs, we will request proposals from different event professionals within categories that fit your price point, personality, experience, and overall services.  After all, how can we be design oriented when all we do is offer limited packages which may not fit your event needs?


Why do I need someone to help me plan my Wedding or event?


This is something that only you can really answer.  If you are looking for something very simple and low key, there are definitely ways of planning your event with just the on-site staff.  What we offer is the experience to make your event planning and production as easy as possible, and make sure you know all of the options available to you.  Especially if you have many different professionals involved, a larger guest count, or limited assistance from on-site staff, this is where we come in.  We will save you countless hours of research and phone calls by providing the options which best fit your budget and expectations.

If I have an on-site contact person, then I really don't need an independent planner?

Every venue is very different as to the role and experience of the on-site staff.  Some will offer recommendations for event professionals and will be present for the day of your event.  The primary role of the on-site contact is to handle their portion of service - such as food and beverage and set-up.  Often, you are paying for their assistance through upcharges for items such as linens and other upgrades.  It is rare that you will find a venue that will act as a full service event or wedding coordinator, walking you through the entire process with budget allocation, design recommendations, and contract negotiation with your event professionals.  

Do I have to use your "vendors?"

While we have a list of partners who offer a range of services, we make sure that we suggest only those professionals that fit your needs.  We encourage you to consider our suggestions, as we want to create a winning team who work together and understand each other's role, but we want you to be happy with the final decision and make sure it is the right "fit."  If our client wants to select the team on their own, we can definitely help with detailing the event.   Remember, design is also about making sure every professional involved in your Wedding or event works in unison to create a stunning event!  With that said, we are always open to working with new people based on your needs.

The venue or company I am considering offers an all inclusive package, so why would I need someone to plan my event?

Bundling is a great way to make things a little easier and more appealing.  Some venues will offer what they refer to as an "all inclusive package" with a variety of features so you can have one stop shopping.  At times, this may be beneficial if you are not as particular for your selections or the venue has exactly what you are looking for  The main consideration is making sure you are really getting all that you want and need - rather than some features which are not really the right fit.  For instance, you may only be able to select from a couple of photographers (if you are lucky) but only have a limited package. Also, you may still have to coordinate all of the details on your own and as well as upgrade items to make sure it is exactly what you wanted.  Most venues also upcharge on these services, so you still end up paying a convenience fee.  


Some event professionals have also begun to bundle their services and even include day of coordination!  We have yet to find one of these packages that offers more than just a bundled package with a bundled price.  You should be aware of the experience of the people included in the package.  For instance, if the photographer is included with the DJ, is this really the best fit for you, and are they the most qualified for the price point?  You need to consider that while bundling offers convenience it seldom provides the design approach and services that are designed to fit your individual needs.  

Do you offer "Day of" coordination?

The concept of "day of" coordination is a bit of a misnomer.  We definitely coordinate for the day of the wedding or event after you have made the selections for venue and vendors, but in order to do so we need to begin months in advance. This way, we can review your selections and help finalize the details of room set-up, timing, arrangements with your event professionals, and prepare a production schedule to make sure everything runs smoothly!

How much is this going to cost?  It looks and sounds expensive!

We understand how important budget is, and your event needs to be cost effective.  We work with a variety of budgets and our goal is to provide the most value for your dollar.  For more information on package pricing for our services, please visit our page on pricing.

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