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It’s All About Design

What is the difference between an Event Planner and a Event Designer? At JMT Eventology we are here to offer a custom design experience rather than a cookie cutting approach or just randomly pulling together elements that may not work cohesively.

Consider your event to be a gourmet meal. The ingredients that create the meal must work together to enhance the flavor for you to savor every moment. Too much of one ingredient or not enough can render the product unpalatable. Designing the perfect event is understanding how each ingredient or design element from the menu style, to the venue, to the entertainment, and even attire work together in a symbiotic relationship.

With design you can also be daring and try new things. Whomever came up with the idea to add ancho chili with cinnamon and chocolate is my personal hero. Taking calculated risks in event planning can provide an amazing outcome!

We are proud that our team has had a positive impact in the Las Vegas Design and Wedding Industry for the past ten years by creating new benchmarks and working within the different professional communities. We look forward to working with our Creative Partners and continuing to inspire other Event Professionals. Join us on our journey to create stunning events with the launch of JMT Eventology!

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