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As a newer company we were approached by many Event Professionals and even some couples inquiring about our preferred list of local businesses. While it is common for venues and even other Event Professionals to present a vendor list to potential clients, we thought to ourselves “Is this really the best approach for us in providing services?” After all, every professional offers a slightly different style and reportoire. We all take pride in the skills that set us apart so how is it we can automatically suggest one business without really knowing more about what the client is looking for?

Being involved in the event and design industries for many years, our team understands that there are a multitude of factors which influence a client’s perspective. Among these are budget, culture, sense of style, and personality. At JMT Eventology we seek to design a custom experience tailored to our clients, so we endeavor to ally ourselves with Creative Partners who espouse the same work ethic, attention to detail, and flair for their given trade. We have met some incredible individuals in the Las Vegas Wedding and Events Industry and understand that each has something very special to offer. Just as we understand our approach to planning and services may not fit every potential client, we also want to make sure that we align our clients with the perfect team to accentuate their event.

Consider it like putting together an outfit for an event you are attending. You may have a favorite dress or jacket that you look amazing in, but if it does not fit the style of event then you would find something more appropriate to wear. The same applies for planning events. For us, Creative Partners are more than just a random list of people that we have assembled. Instead, they are professionals we admire for their individuality and ability to showcase their passion in everything they do - and who are able to work in unison to create amazing events. When an Event Professional is experienced in their given trade a florist provides more than just a bouquet, a DJ is more than just the person who plays the first song for the grand entrance, and the photographer captures more than just a photo of a happy couple. Our creative partners are able to hone in on the essence of the event by working with the client and identifying what is most important in creating a lasting impression on every individual in attendance.

Designing the perfect event is more than just assembling arbitrary elements. It is working together with Creative Partners who work symbiotically to fulfill the client’s every desire! We invite you to join us in our journey in creating events to remember!

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