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Seeing Red on your Wedding Day

Vera Wang has always been fashion forward and takes us boldly into new territory with each new line of Wedding dresses. We were excited when she launched her new Spring 2013 line of red Wedding dresses as an encore to her nude and black line of dresses. With breathtaking silhouettes and vibrant colors, Spring 2013 sets a new standard for fashion forward brides worldwide.

While brides clamor and cling to the “classic” white Wedding dress many are unaware that the tradition of wearing a white dress is barely a couple hundred years old. In many eastern Asian cultures red was already the color of choice and still is today while middle Eastern and Indian brides have always worn a wide variety of rich colors and ornate dresses.

In Europe brides traditionally wore their best dress which varied in color. Blue was the original color for purity and in Italy brides adorned themselves with a rich hue of green promoting fertility. At the turn of the last century in the United States brides kept with this tradition as represented by one of our dear friends who has her grandmother’s forest green dress on display in her house. It was not until 1840 when Queen Victoria broke with tradition and wore a white Wedding dress that the winds of change swept through the hearts of brides. With more recent era fairytale Weddings such as Princess Diana and Princess Kate, brides aspire to be as regal in their own white gowns.

But as the fashion industry is always looking for new ideas the winds of change blow yet again! Other designers such as Joey Galon Atelier, Alexander McQueen, and David Tupaz have launched their own lines of stunning gowns in a plethora of colors, some designed specifically for Weddings and others a perfect match to make the bride all the more radiant on her special day. Atelier featured some of his creations at the recent Grace Ormonde reception for in Las Vegas and Tupaz showcased his amazing visions at the Las Vegas Fashion Design Council launch. Just a couple months ago we even did a double take when we saw a Las Vegas bride adorn a stunning purple and white dress which was both regal and elegant.

As JMT Eventology focuses on design we are always seeking new ways to incorporate a variety of cutting edge elements to create stunning, one of a kind Weddings and Events. Most of all, we admire other designers of like mind who bring us to the edge of fashion and beyond!

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