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Tis the Season … for Bridal Shows

Will you marry me? These four words seem to be uttered most often around the holidays. As families gather to announce the great news, anxious couples look forward to planning for their special day. January seems the inaugural month to launch the new bridal season, and in Las Vegas, the number one destination for Weddings, this is no different. This year marks the 22nd anniversary of the Bridal Spectacular. As many in the Wedding Industry know, this demonstrates a dedication and passion which is unwavering and constantly pushed to the limit with an ever changing demographic. Think about what the Wedding Industry was like in 1991. MTV turned 10 years old. The internet was made available for unrestricted commercial use and there were 1 million computers linked up across the world. Father of the Bride came out in theaters and began a buzz that you needed a Wedding Planner to assist you create the Wedding of your dreams.

So is there still a need for bridal shows? Depending on who you speak to there may be mixed reviews. Anyone who has taken Marketing 101 knows that there is a need for market penetration and even saturation. There is a reason why Macy’s is in so many malls and Starbucks wants to have a store every few miles. Brides are consumers and they want convenience – and what better way to offer the convenience by giving them 100 Wedding professionals all in one room for the day. Just go to any well planned bridal show like Bridal Spectacular and you will see that they line up by the hundreds. And if your business is not there, then you can count on someone else in your part of the industry who is trying to get the same business.

Helpful Hints for Brides

If this is your first time at a bridal show it can be information overload. There are so many things to find for your Wedding and most shows will have many in a variety of different categories. So how do you figure out who is the right fit for you?

  1. Ask for referrals. While you may have seen them online for reviews ask other Wedding professionals if they have worked with the company and get their feedback as well. Also, check with your venue as they may have a list of their partners.

  2. Ask lots of questions! Your Wedding day should be a one of a kind experience. Ask some introductory questions to see if the services are right for you.

  3. Arrange an appointment. After you have narrowed down the field set up an appointment to get more information and discuss your plans in detail. There are hundreds of people at the show and you probably are not going to have enough information in just five minutes time to decide if “this is the one.”

  4. What do they offer? Personality, styles, and equipment are just a few aspects which will determine who is the best fit. What types of packages also are important. There are different levels of experience and service so you want to make sure you are really getting what you are want and what you need!

  5. Know your budget. Budget can be a tough topic to really grasp. All too often couples do not have a point of reference or a good idea on how much things cost for the Wedding. The lowest price rarely means the best value. After all, it is your Wedding day and you want everything to turn out amazing. Rely on the seasoned professionals to guide you through the process on how to maximize your budget.

  6. Special Offers. Some of those showcasing will have special offers. Just like sale items for holidays these can be appealing but make sure that the offer really has value for you.

  7. Enlist a Wedding Coordinator or Designer. Weddings involve a myriad of details you never thought of before. Just like a personal shopper at the mall enlisting the assistance of your own personal shopper can help guide you through the process quickly and easily.

It is your Wedding day. It has taken you months or years to get to this date so you want to make sure everything is picture perfect. So get out to the shows, visit with the Wedding professionals, sample some cake, and have an amazing Wedding!

Yours in Design,

JMT Eventology

JMT Eventology had the official launch last January at Bridal Spectacular celebrating the live Wedding for Stacey and Rob – Happy Anniversary! Since then we have met many more incredible professionals and helped planned both Weddings and events. We would love the opportunity to guide you through the process to plan your day!

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