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It’s All About Design

The JMT Eventology team presented at the International School of Hospitality this week discussing design trends, themes, and how to design events appealing to the senses.

Great events don’t just happen – they are designed by talented professionals who understand the symbiotic relationship of all of the elements that are incorporated. Design is not just about making a room aesthetically pleasing, but also focusing on the functionality of the space and logistical planning with a variety of professionals. Las Vegas is a city rich in the design legacy of many innovators and visionaries. Including luxury suites, world renowned nightclubs, award winning events, and platinum weddings – there are a myriad of professionals who work behind the scenes to create stunning spaces full of emotional content to tantalize the senses.

When it comes to Wedding and Event Planning, the design element is something that is often misunderstood and overlooked. Many planners believe that design is limited to the decorative elements and neglect the other myriad of considerations that are important for a cohesive event.

Our example for the students was what do they consider when they get dressed in the morning. Do you blindly go into your closet, close your eyes, and pick out whatever is clean? They came up with some great examples of why they pick out their outfits – how they feel that day, where they are going, and what they are doing. You would never wear jogging pants to an interview. Sure, they are pants and it qualifies as clothing, but they aren’t the right “fit” for the occasion. So why would you just pick a photography, DJ, venue, florist, etc. without really considering how they fit that particular event. Even if they are great at what they do, not every professional is really the right fit from a design perspective.

On October 29, 2013, the Las Vegas Chapter of the International Special Events Society(ISES) is hosting a panel discussion at the Palms Hotel Resort, in the Hard Wood Suite, to continue the conversation about design throughout the industry. The panel represents leading industry professionals from different facets of the design industry, from fashion to hospitality design. Learn how to enhance your business potential and build new relationships by tapping into the wealth of resources and professionals who are involved in hospitality and event design.

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