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Wedding Trends of 2014 - 2015

What's New for Weddings

Couples are always looking for the next best thing, and want to keep up on what is new and exciting. There have been some fads that were extremely popular for a while, like cupcakes, chocolate fountains, and disposable cameras. These have each seen a spike in demand, and then transitioned into something different. Today, it’s all about cake pops, candy stations, and photobooths.

As I seek out the new trends for 2014, I have to be cognizant of the regional preferences. Sure, Tangerine Tango was all the rage for fashion in 2012, but I rarely saw a Las Vegas bride even consider orange. When visiting a branch of Classic Party Rentals in New York City a few years back , I found what is hot in New England was definitely not in Las Vegas.

So what are my predictions for the trends of 2014 and 2015?

Color! For 2014, the “in color” is radiant orchid. For years, purple has already been a popular wedding color, so I think this one may have a better chance at mass appeal. Purple offers a variety of shades for floral, linen, and attire – and can be a great compromise for a bride and groom. While classic white is still popular, color will continue to have a much stronger presence in wedding design and decor. From attire, to floral, to linens, couples are venturing outside the traditional box of black and white for their formal attire. Check out the silver and blue cake from Gimme Some Sugar that is the epitomy of this trend! Don’t be afraid to play with color – be it muted shades or bold pops with metallic accents.

Embellishment! For those of you who experienced the 1990’s, it was a sullen time. Grunge was in and everything was dull and drab. Today, we have a marriage of contemporary edge and vintage craftsmanship and detail. We aren’t just talking about color, but classic design periods such as Gothic, Baroque, and Victorian being reborn with a mix of textures, textiles, and unique elements to tantalize even the most discerning of tastes. What is wonderful is that much of the new design is inspired by and includes natural elements with a twist! Just think about much of today’s attire with all the embroidery, bling, studs, and buttons. This is the perfect opportunity to carry this over to floral, formal attire, and linens. A prime example of this trend is from Bouquet Couture, which is offering a new twist on the classic bouquet!

Choreographed! We have been captivated by the multitude of television shows featuring dance styles and talents. Just look at the number of seasons "So You Think You Can Dance" and "American Idol" have been on television and the number of related shows which have spun off. Wedding Couples have talent, too! These are not the weddings of yesteryear – so why not infuse them with a bit (or a lot!) of pageantry. From flash mobs to synchronized dances, choreography and couples serenading each other is captivating and provides a wow factor without the price tag!

Lighting! My creative partners who offer lighting will be delighted I did not forget them. Have you seen what you can do with lights now? So many venues are being designed with new options for mood lighting – and, if not, you can contact a variety of vendors to get everything from vintage accents (like the one in the photo from LED Unplugged) to LED pin spots for each table – available in hundreds of color combinations. Bring a little bit of that club vibe to your wedding with special effects to wow your guests. Expecially if you spent time and funds on decor, you want to make sure they are accented!

Drinks! Have you ever been to a dry wedding? It is a little challenging to get your groove going without a little libation. It lessens your inhibitions and brings out your inner star to participate in the choreographed (or extemporaneous) moves! Wedding venues are beginning to expand their options to offer new selections and signature drinks to spice up your wedding with an array of microbrews and specialty liqueurs. If you are at the club or local bar you can get some amazing concoctions made with Maple Flavored Crown Royal (how about that on your pancakes!), St. Germaine, Violet Liquor, and even Absinthe – so why not have something with a little more flavor and pizzazz at your wedding?

Eat! I have been amazed at how many wedding venues are so far behind the times with their catering menus. Even food trucks have evolved to offer gourmet cuisine! You can go out to eat to find sushi, Ethiopian, vegan, tapas, and dim sum all within a miles radius in most major cities – then why should you be subject to eating the same chicken with rice? You certainly need to be considerate of your guests and not select something that no one but you and your closest friends will eat. Food is a huge part of the celebration – why not make it personal? If you want to incorporate something that is a little unique, why not go with stations which offer a more upscale version of a buffet with a variety of different tastes. Also, when planning menu options, don’t forget to consider that a growing number of guests are vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free.

Traditions! This isn’t a segment of Fiddler on the Roof, espousing the importance of not swaying from age old traditions. You don’t need to be Jewish to have a Chuppah or Hindu to ride in on an elephant. The beauty and symbolism of many cultural traditions can be discovered in movies and youtube. Believe it or not, a lot of these traditions make the wedding more special and even fun! This is also about creating new traditions as you begin your lives together. Regardless of your cultural, ethnic, or religious background, there is opportunity to be creative with a traditional or contemporary wedding celebration! A great wedding professional can help you incorporate a variety of meaningful traditions with a modern twist.

Ink! Do you recall five to ten years ago when a bride would make every effort to cover up her tiny butterfly tattoo on her wedding day to appease her family? Such is not the case for couples of today. Sporting ink is mainstream and worn with pride. This is your wedding day, why cover up something which is a personal statement? We love the bride and groom featured in the photo courtesy of Imagine Photography and with Amelia C hair and make-up,

Digital! Technology has made our lives easier and we are more connected than ever! Social media is present on our laptops, iPads, and phones so we can keep current on what’s going on. Couples research their weddings online, post engagement photos, and their wedding venues, why not go with live streaming? Technology also has helped countless couples by providing easier options for registries, wedding websites, and event RSVP’s online (although you don't want to forgo printed invitations to let everyone know about your upcoming nuptials).

Same Sex Weddings! This is definitely a movement that keeps progressing. When visiting New England in December 2010, I met many catering managers and wedding planners who were excited about recent legislation and were participating in a few of the wedding shows geared to the LGBT Community. The movement has had some great victories in the past decade and the industry has a new set of traditions and ways to celebrate love. As each year ushers in new legislation broadening the ability for same sex couples to enter into the institution of marriage, there is yet another opportunity to expand our way of thinking by celebrating and creating new wedding traditions.


One of our founding concepts for JMT Eventology is to move beyond your status quo of wedding planning, so we hope you found a bit of inspiration in these predictions. Celebrating a wedding is really an amazing moment in time – when two people completely in love have the opportunity to share this will their friends and family. Why not make this day more than what the wedding shows and websites tell you that your wedding day should be like? Create your day around all of the wonderful experiences and people that have brought you to this day.


Yours in Design, JMT Eventology

Special thanks to our creative partners for the use of photos: Bridal Spectacular featuring Alfred Angelo bridal attire, Gimme Some Sugar with photo by the amazing Alt F photography, Imagine Photography Arizona with the stylings of Amelia C & Co, Bouquet Couture's stunning bouquet, Vintage signs from LED Unplugged, and our own Modern Baroque tablescape featuring Jovani Linens, RSVP Party Rentals, Floral 2000 who helped bring out centerpiece design to life, and Enchanted Florist for our favorite kissing balls!

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