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The Worst Think About Weddings?

What is the worst part of working in the wedding industry? The day after the wedding.

Another weekend of weddings has passed and couples are off celebrating their nuptials. As wedding professionals, we are involved for just a brief time in their lives to help them celebrate. We help them explore the possibilities during pre-planning, getting to know them a little better and talking them through each step.

As the special day arrives, we stand on the sidelines as they walk down the aisle, are pronounced man and wife, and embrace for their first dance. We watch as they exchange kisses during the reception and, for a moment, they forget that anyone else is in the room as they bask in this wonderful occasion. We listen to the toasts – learning even more about the journey that brought them to this day - filled with joy for those that are there to help celebrate the day - and tears for those whom they wish could.

It is exciting when we can add little touches to the wedding reception that help personalize the experience. We quietly handle the little details that maybe only we would catch, so that everything can be picture perfect. We watch and direct as all of the other professionals in the room work feverishly to serve the food, make the drinks, play the music, and capture the memories that will last a lifetime.

Once the dust settles and the guests have departed, we sit at our desks or on the couch, and almost imagine the phone will ring or we will get an email asking to help with one more thing. Sometimes, we are lucky enough to keep in touch with some of our couples to hear how things are going. For others, we read their Facebook posts or run into them years later as they are starting their families.

There is a certain satisfaction to know that, if just for a brief time, we were important in their lives and had a small (or large) role in pulling together the details that will create the memories that will last a lifetime. And still, we are a little sad that our time with them is over, while making way for new opportunities to help more couples celebrate their wedding day.


Yours in Design, JMT Eventology

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