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Marriage Equality

As a Wedding & Event Professional, I am present throughout different phases of the planning process for a variety of couples. There are times you become such a significant part of a couple’s lives as you work with them to figure out everything from the cake flavors, to making both sides of the family happy. Working in a destination wedding location, I sometimes don’t even meet my couples until the day of their wedding. When I do meet them, I sometimes look at two very different people and wonder what brought them together. And it only takes a few moments throughout the evening where you understand the reason why they are there for this day to celebrate with friends and families. It warms my heart when I see how they steal kisses when they think no one is looking or whisper “I love you.”

Today, so many people have cause to celebrate as marriage equality is expanded by law. I recently met with a same sex couple that was eagerly awaiting the outcome as they had expressed concern that if they were to get their marriage license now, would it still be valid when they hosted their wedding. Fortunately, they no longer have to worry.

But legality does not change other people’s hearts. I remember having a conversation about planning a LGBT Wedding Show a few years ago, and I went through my suggested vendor list to make sure they were all in support of being part of this show. When I spoke to one vendor who I had known for years and have such a profound respect for, the response I received was that they would never participate in a ceremony for a same sex couple. My heart sank. While I respected that this person had a right to their own personal convictions, those words have stayed with me ever since.

Amidst the posts today celebrating marriage equality, I saw a post from a colleague making disparaging remarks about the decision and that this conflicted with his personal convictions and beliefs. It made me think to past conversations that I had with him when he was looking for love and trying to find the right one to spend his life with. He has since found his soul mate, for which I am infinitely thrilled, so how coud he be so against someone else finding their life partner?

I have been witness to too many weddings where friends or family members have expressed disapproval for the marriage based on religion, race, age, and gender. For my fellow wedding professionals who LOVE being a part of this industry, it is because we get to be there when the love of two people is celebrated regardless of perceived differences. As many of the Facebook posts note “Love is Love.” It is that simple. Love doesn’t need to explain itself. Love doesn’t need approval from everyone. It merely needs to be given the chance to find its way.

While a law was passed 6/26/2015 to pave the way for equality, there is still a long road ahead. But we can still celebrate because this law wasn’t about anything more than allowing two consenting adults to come together and celebrate their love with friends and family. And I can’t think of anything more wonderful than bringing more love into the world.

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