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Giving Back to the Community

From an early age, I was taught that we should give to those are in need. From church fundraisers to collecting money for the American Cancer Society, the importance of charitable work and supporting different fundraisers has always been important. As I have grown older, my belief in this continues to be important, from donations to homeless pets to donating time at the Las Vegas Mission.

It is important to recognize that many people are becoming more socially concious about the environment and the community around them. Additionally, event budgets are being more closely monitored as consumers are concerned how they spend their money, so it only makes sense that we support this movement in giving back to our community and helping make the world a better place!

At JMT Eventology, as a business, one of our commitments has been to give back to our community through a variety of different ways. We are proud to participate in walks with AFAN and Candelighter’s Annual 5k, as well as to host an annual industry holiday party where we encourage donations to the Southern Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth.

We are inspired by some of our friends who tirelessly donate their time and energy for our community including John Morris Photography, Enchanted Florist, Tuxedo Junction, Do It With Flair Concierge, and Adam Frazier Photography, to name a few. Especially as small businesses and individuals, they never think twice of the importance of their efforts in helping others.

In the same spirit of giving as they have shown, we are pledging that at least 5% of our revenue for event planning and design will be donated to a local charity. In addition, for any fundraising event we plan for a local non-profit, we will donate back 20% to the charity in the form of a donation, scholarship, or silent auction donation.

For more information, please visit our Community Service page.

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