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Event Design and Coordination
"Rome was not built in a day ... successful events are not planned overnight."

The JMT Eventology - Principals


The founders of JMT Eventology represent work experiences from hospitality design, higher education in weddings and hotel operations, independent and group catering, banquet service, hotel sales, food & beverage, fine dining, and event design.   This was not a random occurrence, but a well thought out and designed venture to fill a gap in the industry.  Having worked independently on different ends of the hospitality industry, the two converged their talents to push the boundaries on what it means to create an event and brought new life to the concept of event design.    


The Team

Jeremy, Event Director, Registered Interior Designer, Nevada


Michael, Event Director


event director

The Creative Teams

We work with a variety of talented creative partners who share the same passion and zeal for the industry.  This is not a job, but a way of life.  To learn more about how our team can help you plan your next event, please contact us!

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