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"Rome was not built in a day.  Successful events are not planned over night."

Do I really need a wedding planner?

Planning a wedding can involve hundreds of hours of research, site visits, appointments, and decision making. What is even more important to consider is the day of your wedding.  Do you really want a family member running around taking care of last minute details instead of enjoying your day.  


In order to determine if you need a professional to help, review the following questions:


Timing & Planning


1. You have ample spare time for travel, site visits, and a flexible work schedule.


2.  You are planning at least six months out from your wedding date (more in certain parts of the country).


Resources & Vendors


3.  You are extremely familiar with the resources in your area.


4.  You 




5.  You have a small invitation list (less than 100 guests).




6.  You are familiar with all of the customs and traditions associated with your cultural and religious background.


Design & Decor


Your ambitions for designing 


Other Considerations


Your on site venue "wedding coordinator" is not the same as an independent wedding coordinator.  While they will assist with some of the on site planning, they will not prepare a production schedule and coordinate all of your vendor services.  Additionally, they are planning based on their services.  You are often paying additional fees for their "all inclusive" packages.


Also, while your friends and family may offer their time to assist, wouldn't you rather 

Remember, your time is valuable and you can never get back those moments of enjoying your special day with friends and family!

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