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"Your wedding day should be as unique as the love you have for one another."


Your vision is our inspiration!


Our approach to weddings is simple - designing the experience and the services based on your needs and vision for the wedding day. We believe events should be as colorful, bold, and unique as those who are hosting. Weddings are your once in a lifetime celebration of love - so it should be tailored to represent you. It is also important to incorporate the cultures, traditions, and preferences that are important to the couple and their families.

What do we offer? We have years of experience in catering, banquet operations, hospitality design, event planning, and even education.  Our expertise, creativity, and connections will save you time and help alleviate the stress so you can focus on enjoying the experience from start to finish.



The ceremony is filled with laughter and tears of joy as you embark on this journey in the next chapter of your lives together. As you prepare for the big moment, standing in front of friends and family to celebrate your love for one another, our team will there to support the process. There are countless opportunities to incorporate time-honored traditions with contemporary choices to make the ceremony memorable.



After a poignant ceremony, it is time to celebrate the day as you embark on the first hours as a couple. The reception is the setting for dances, toasts, and an amazing menu. 

Our services include a detailed production schedule and diagrams of the space to make sure that everything flows smoothly from start to finish. Enjoy the experience with friends and family while our team takes care of monitoring the details and working with the creative team.

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